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The Code Enforcement Office is responsible for the protection of the Health, Safety and Welfare of the residents and visitors to our community. The many codes, ordinances and regulations that have been adopted either by the Town Council, State or Federal governments all have that basic goal as their basis. This office is available for discussion on any issue of concern; from building issues to any questions concerning local Zoning and subdivision. 

 A building project can only be successful by starting with proper planning. The Code Enforcement Official can help with the initial planning by advising the applicant on what codes are current, local conditions and requirements, and procedures required from start to completion of the project. The submission of a building permit application requires the Code Enforcement Official to do a plan review prior to the issuance of any building, electrical, plumbing, mechanical permits to verify that the applicant has complied with all local Zoning and all building, plumbing, electrical, mechanical or fire codes. This process is very important to the applicant and contractors shall not start work until the permit and drawings have been released by our office; otherwise work may be installed incorrectly or with inadequate materials that would have to be replaced at applicant's or contractor's additional expense. This office also provides inspections for all permits issued. A Certificate of Occupancy is required after all work is completed and all inspections pass prior to the applicant moving in or occupying the space. 
Codes Enforcement - Bill LaCount

Hours  - Tuesdays 8:00am - 12:00 or by Appointment 

Address: P.O. Box 99 
997 Mason Street 
Morrisonville, NY 12962 
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Affidavit of Exemption to Show Specific Proof of Worker's Compensation Insurance Coverage for a 1,2,3 or 4 Family, Owner - Occupied Residence.

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