The Town Supervisor is the Leading Elected Officer in your local town government. The Supervisor is responsible for the daily operations of town business in addition to following through long term projects, such as grant aid for road and water line improvements. The Supervisor confirms all committees and appoints their members, appoints liaison officers, appoints a deputy supervisor, and conducts all settlements with negotiating systems.

The Town Supervisor presides at all meetings of the Town Board. The Supervisor must make certain that all decisions from the Town Board are fulfilled as agreed upon.

As the town’s Chief Fiscal Officer, the Supervisor has essential responsibility for all monetary transactions and investments. State mandates require a detailed financial report be prepared annually by the Supervisor.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Duties of Deputy Town Supervisor

Attend and be attentive at all Town Board meetings.

Assist Town Supervisor in day-to-day operation of the town including reviewing expenditures and accounts receivable. Authorizing payments in a timely fashion on those occasions when the Town Supervisor is away.

Maintain constant line of communication with Town Supervisor to ensure consistency in approach to ongoing matters before the Town and questions/concerns from concerned citizens of the Town.



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